What’s in our Fridge? Challenge #2 | Frankie Celenza

Can Frankie scrape together a dessert from the leftover items found in the Tastemade fridge?

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  1. Well , that was a fail ! And looks soooooooo gross ! Do not attempt any baking whatsoever . Please . You have no idea what to do : small rounds of pastry brushed with a bit of sugar ,baked ( why would you attempt frying in such a shallow pan? Of course it a going to burn ! Nincompoop!), two creams : one with mascarpone and chocolate and the second cool whip and coconut , slices of strawberries ( nobody wants to eat strawberry mush ) and a cherry on top . Edable ! That s what you should go for ! Yep .
    Funny though to see you make soooo many baking mistakes .
    And it a not a left over challenge again , too much there .
    Try sardines , banana , 1/2 an onion and oatmeal ! Now that s a challenge ! Probably taste better than your sweet treat though .

  2. frankie … i love every episode with you … and even your channel … and i always wanted to know what kind of chefs knive you are using .. i see that you always use the same …

  3. How you coming on that desert you're working on? Got a big stack of dough there? Got a nice little mascarpone filling going on there? Got a compelling decorations? Some proper strawberries and some of them preserves? Been working on it for past 5 minutes?

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