What’s in our Fridge? Challenge #1 | Frankie Celenza

Does Frankie have what it takes to turn Tastemade’s leftovers into a meal? Watch him whip up some dumplings!

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  1. Lmao I feel like you were the ultimate dorm room chef MacGyver in college. Loved the video! You totally could have used the ricotta/chicken/spring onions/soy together to create a variation on the "cream cheese rangoon"

  2. That was soooo easy ! Come on, that's not a challenge . Come to my fridge some days, then you will have a challenge !
    And you should have pickled the radish and jalapeño for more subtle flavored because your raw radish on the dumpling ! Gross !
    She says while watching this comfortably at home .

  3. Here's what I probably would've done.

    (1) Sauteed Mushroom with Ricotta, Radish, and Crispy Dumpling Skin – garnish with Arugula

    (2) Stir-Fried Jalepeno Chicken with Sticky Sauce (Ginger/Mirin/Soy Sauce) – garnished with Scallions

    (3) Beer


    Alternatively, a springroll dish.

    Stir-fry Jalepeno with Radish, Ginger, Mirin, Soy Sauce and Sugar to get a sweet, salty, spicy, rich sauce.

    (1) Spread a little of that sauce on springroll skin, add shredded chicken, sauteed mushroom, ricotta, and loads of scallion

    (2) Wrap the dumpling skin around, sort of like a Cannoli and pan-fry.

    (3) Serve on a bed of Arugula and enjoy with beer

    More of a umami-bomb dish. Caramelized sugar, ginger, mirin and soy sauce works wonders with scallion.

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