Impulsive Shoppers Try Spending Only $50 In A Week

Will they save their money or waste it?


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  1. It's called eating junk food, making sure you have a nice workout session to burn off the junk food instead of being lazy Californians and also to not eat out as much

  2. it baffles me as how they all choose to just eat cheaper junk food instead of making food yourself at home????????????????????????????i dont understand????????????????????

  3. if only I could afford to spend $50 a week lol yall I got a part time job at my favorite healthy fast food place so I could get 50% off and actually go out to eat there lol cries

  4. how do people eat out so often? they're on a budget and they're still trying to eat out. I'm still living with my parents and I don't see the light of a restaurant for a month or two, jeez. (they cook lots of good stuffs though, most of the time :D)

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