Got to have a Hoi An street food specialty in Hanoi. Hoi An’s Com Ga chicken and rice street food dish is different from Hanoi’s version. It was a nice find. What started out as such a beautiful day I tried to get the drone up ended with a torrential downpour that got me stranded for about an hour!

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  1. that is some buckets of water coming down, you ate brave to be in the car in that mess, love the music I see you and the fam everyday, btw nice save with the cam, I have been away since 1975 have not been back, you will be the first I hit up when I go , my brothers in law is in da nang.

  2. Great intro music. Jedi reflexes😂😂No shorts?! Oh well. When you're hungry, who cares about the weather?! 🌧🌧🌧People trying to drive a motorcycle with rain covering on😂😂Is the rain a common occurrence? Are people used to it? Probably not that safe, but the lightening adds a certain beauty to the city. Yummy eats!

  3. We arrived in Saigon by train late one night to a storm like that, had to hustle for a taxi to the hotel, drenched to the bone we collapsed into our rooms … best part was, it isn't cold. I dig Vietnam …

  4. Your stomach almost got your ass in a sling 🙂 But hey, I've been there and that's what having good and cheap food right around the corner in VN will do to you, once you crave something in the evening nothing will stop you from going out, even in the rain. You will laugh when you think back to this night in the future. Southeast Asia has some serious rain, but I really like it. Everything is so cool and clean afterwards.

  5. That rain was scary when you don't know your way home. Next time I'd just eat in and throw a flash back video for the Vlog. I know the viewers appreciate you going out of your way to create content but your safety comes first Bryan. ✊️

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