Two street food meals in Hanoi today. First we have Hanoi street food Com Tam and then we try Hanoi street food Banh Xeo. One was amazing and the other was ok to put it nicely. The search continues for the perfect one in Hanoi!

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  1. oml 13.11 the music that was rocking was a dutch song called "4x duurder'' the title means 4 times more expensive, I've never expect a vietnamese place to eat rocking a dutch music! LOL

  2. For a minute there I thought Banh Xeo was a deep fried dish. I'm glad I was wrong man. Vietnamese food is renowned for being fresh and healthy, I hope this restaurant will not change that reputation.

  3. when im in vietnam in ben tre i eat com tam just about every morning i love it !!!! i cant wait till i make it back one of the first things im going to eat and banh mi too !!!!!!

  4. Bi is pork rind. Nuoc mam (fish sauce) without chili is like pizza without cheese. :(( I'm from the south, and that's not how we make banh xeo. We don't use tiny shrimps, and we use pork belly. We don't put that much oil when making banh xeo.

  5. You should try bánh xèo Nguyễn Công Trứ on Nguyễn Công Trứ street. It's one of the most popular Bánh Xèo places in Hanoi, famous for its decent price/quality. It's quite far, to be honest, near the Bún chả Obama – Hương Liên (<1km).

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