Food52’s Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks: Tasting Rome vs. Taste of Persia

The Piglet is Food52’s annual cookbook tournament. The 16 most notable cookbooks of the year face off. I was asked to be a judge and choose between “Tasting Rome” and “Taste of Persia” to go to the next round.

Because I’m a video creator, I decided to make a video essay, rather than the more traditional written essay. This way you can see all the tasty dishes I made from each cookbook, and also the beautiful imagery in each of them.

Watch the video to see which I selected to graduate to…

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  1. I really liked the logical progression of your decision tree–not having seen either of the books myself, so I don't have a preference either way. This is a nice, thoughtful analysis. Thank you, Katie.

  2. Didn't know about your channel, just came here because I was interested in Tasting Rome, but now, thanks to this video I'm pretty sure I'm getting both of the books, plus I'm subscribing to your channel. Wonderful review and great quality. Congratulations from Mexico for your good work!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing that experience with us! It gave me Julie/Julia-flashbacks, if that means something to you. The Taste of Persia looks so good, both the recipes and the stories! I might have to buy it … Thank you for making this video! I loved watching it. 🙂

  4. I still don't know how you only have 27k subs!!! You are cool and your videos are short but complete!
    Found you a week ago looking for some brazilians recipes cooked by americans.
    You deserve at least 100K subs!!
    I love your channel.
    Greetings from Brazil! 🙂

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