Betty’s Kitchen Cookbook — Recipes from 2016

Betty and her daughter, Chelsea, introduce the new Betty’s Kitchen Cookbook. This cookbook contains all recipes from Betty’s Kitchen on YouTube from the year 2016. I hope you enjoy this collection. You can find this cookbook (as well as the previous cookbooks from Betty’s Kitchen) at these…

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  1. Congrats Betty and Chelsea for your 2016 cookbook. Enjoy your holidays and your break from YouTube. But we all are going to miss you a lot. Love always, Bhargab & Barnali.

  2. I'm from Sydney Australia, I have all but the new one, I'll be ordering that right up.
    Enjoy your time off Betty, I know I'll miss you but can't wait to see the new thoughts that would have kindled in your thoughts. xx

  3. Are you going to be off all summer? You said, "Enjoy your summer," so I was just curious if you were going to be off that long. I'll miss your videos but please enjoy your break.

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